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The Zulu Union commends  the courage of the accuser known as John Doe in moving forward with a lawsuit seeking damages against Afrika Bambaataa and his purported enablers for grievous alleged sexual abuse and exploitation.  As we officially stated in 2016 to you and other survivors of apparent sexual molestation by Afrika Bambaataa prior to our separation from the Universal Zulu Nation, The Zulu Union hears you, The Zulu Union believes you, and we stand with you.

The Zulu Union would like to acknowledge the tireless work of all advocates for the 2019 Child Victims Act in New York State, which passed despite meeting strong resistance and now provides a path for survivors of child sexual abuse through which to hold violators accountable.  Without their efforts, this recourse would not be possible.

Lastly, The Zulu Union extends our appreciation to Ron Savage and Hassan Campbell for their courage in speaking their  truths in 2016.  At great risk to themselves, they shed light on longstanding abusive behavior and gave voice to many who felt compelled to remain silent for years — their bravery opened the door for others to step forward and changed more lives for the better than they may ever know.

Love to all who have known the pain of childhood sexual abuse and to all who have survivors in our lives who we love.  May this brave step forward bring some degree of justice and a measure of healing to John Doe, as well as to all survivors who have known this unspeakable suffering.

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