Oklahoma City, OK, USA

West Coast USA

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Hip Hop Culture and The Zulu Union go hand in hand as being the First family of Hip Hop Culture and the ones who called all the Elements of Hip Hop (Elements). Calling women Queens and Men Kings. This is in short a small view of The Zulu Union foundation.

The Oklahoma Zulus was founded on April 2, 2015

Founder/Current Chapter Leader: Zulu Minister Stephen “Koopa” Cooper

Vice/Assistant Chapter Leader: Keon “A.D. Trax” Ellison

Secretary: Allen “Batman” Cole

Treasurer: Shannon Ellison

Sergeant at Arms: Ron Douglas

Minister of Information: Randall Barnes


Chasity “Chas” Cooper (RIP)

Jason “DJ Reaper” Daniel

Dre “Dre” Stubbs

Lamar “L-Smooth” Mensah

Mike “Huckwheat” Huckeby

Roderick “Rod” Malone

Rodney “Gadget” Nisely

Lemuel “Element Life” Kelly

Skye Gant

Matthew Hendericks


Oklahoma City, OK, USA

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