Our Mission

Our mission reflect the virtues and values of Hip Hop Culture, although not limited to its reach. We practice peace, unity, respect, and having fun safely, within the communities we serve. As a union we work independently engaging in different services for the positive advancement of humanity.

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Our Vision

Working together as independent Chapters our collectvision is to

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What is the the Zulu Union?

Zulu Union is a network and association of international organizations, founded in 2017, who's continuing objective is to utilize our cultural arts, with roots in Hip Hop culture, as a platform for community empowerment and service for the betterment of society.

Where does the Zulu Union come from?

The Zulu Union has a lineage that traces over four decades with the inception of Hip Hop. Zulu Union emerges from the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN), a Hip Hop cultural awareness movement that was founded in 1973, in The Bronx N.Y. Due to infrastructural deficiencies, ideological and moral differences, dozens of chapters around the world disbanded from the UZN in 2017 to organize and establish a new entity that would redress and reform the needed changes for growth and progress.

Who founded The Zulu Union?

The Zulu Union has no sole founder, as it is a collective of chapters and organizations who work independently as well as collaboratively to spread the values of Peace, Love, Integrity and Work through Hip Hop Culture.What are some of the original chapters that formed The Zulu Union?G-Family, Lost Prophecy 7, Chapter 17 Shadow Clan, Chapter 25, Chosen Zulu, Chapter 23 CT Pharoes, 206 Zulu, Calafia Zulus, All Tribes SF, OKZ, Omega Zulus, Miami Legacy, Warlando Zulus, Mexica Zulus, Annahauk Zulus, Chapter 30 Solar Flare, HonoZulu, 45th Parallel, Warriors (Honduras)

What is the purpose of Zulu Union Chapters?

Each chapter has it's own unique purpose and focus, some chapters may emphasize the preservation and advancement of Hip Hop culture. Other chapters may be more community based, establishing programs to educate and enrich the neighborhood they serve. Every chapter has their own unique direction yet all work together to improve the overall organization.

How to Join Zulu Union?

Please contact us so we may put you in contact with an appropriate Chapter Leader consistent with your region, city, state, country, etc. Please contact us to join! Please allow our response to your inquiry and attach your application to the appropriate Chapter Leader.