Kekionga Zulu

Fort Wayne IN

Midwest USA

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It is our responsibility as a Zulu family to encourage, inspire, and unite the local

community and its youth. We seek to elevate those around us using the power and

diversity of hip hop music and culture. As Zulus, we altruistically strive to facilitate

healing and growth in our community through “Peace, Love, Integrity, and Work”.


To unite community members with local support and resources while preserving and

promoting hip hop culture.


 Chapter established August of 2018

(Formally Chosen Zulu – Fort Wayne)

 Currently active in communities serving as mentors and advocates for “At -

Risk” youth

 Collaborators with the Anthony Wayne Lions Club, of the Lions Club


 No political agenda or affiliation other than:

Peace, Love, and Equality.

Kekionga Zulu

Fort Wayne IN

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Kekionga Zulu