Omega Zulu Movie Night & Discussion: The Untold Story of Onyx
206 Zulu
June 15, 2021

Omega Zulu Movie Night & Discussion
June 15th 7pm CST

The Untold Story of Onyx, Who Fredro Starr, Sticky Fingaz, Sonny Seeza (Suave'), Big D.S and producer ChySkillz can never be imagined,Their unique success story has to be lived out to the fullest. One of Hip Hop's biggest groups spearheaded by the legendary DJ - Jam Master Jay of Run Dmc. Onyx defied the odds in 1993 and took an aggressive sound, style and movement Platinum plus.This documentary, written and created by James" Kraze" Billings (@industymuscle), highlights their career in music,television and film. #onyx #theuntoldstories

Questions: Contact Zulu King Reies or 651-270-7592

206 Zulu

Seattle, Washington, USA

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