Ciclo De Cine Hip Hop
Anahuak Zulus
CAO Tiempo Nuevo
August 17, 2022

🔥The end of the Cinema Cycle will be the beginning of Summit 2022🔥

🛑 Wednesday 17th the activities of this magnificent festival will begin! And we are going to project KUXLEJAL!!

🔴 A documentary by Elke Franke that has had UNESCO awards, awards for best documentary in festivals in Mexico, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. It was selected at the Morelia Film Festival and now it will be part of our billboard⚠️

"Kuxlejal" means "Life" in Tsotsil language, and Life and how to feel alive not to die, is the subject of this documentary that for the first time brings visibility to the high suicide rates among youth of the original peoples. It is them and they who tell us first-hand their stories that develop in a violently complex environment. The center of the film is the search for a distinct identity among its ancestral roots and the desire and need to be a part of globalized modernity. "Kuxlejal" evokes feelings, opens dialogue and creates a bridge of empathy between generations and cultures.

A fraternal hug to those who made this cycle of Cinema possible

Anahuak Zulus


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