Omega Zulu Movie Night & Discussion
Omega Zuluz
July 22, 2021

Omega Zulu Movie Night & Discussion: Palestine Underground: Hip Hop, Trap, Trance

Omega Zulu Movie Night: Palestine Underground: Documentary & Discussion
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Palestine Underground by Boiler Room, 4:3 and Ma3azef documents the resilience of a burgeoning music scene undeterred and fuelled by political restrictions, building bridges through a shared sound and identity.

For the past ten years, Palestinian music collective Jazar Crew have been fostering a vibrant party scene in Haifa, as an alternative to the mainstream club scene in Israel.

Thanks to the internet, they've connected with artists in Ramallah, Palestine, and defied the separation wall to travel to the West Bank and organize events with Techno DJs Sama' Abdulhadi and Oddz, and members of the tantalizing hip hop and trap scene, the collectives Saleb Wahad and Bltnm.

Palestine Underground follows a week in the life of these artists and friends, in the lead up to the first Boiler Room in Ramallah in June this year.

A part of Contemporary Scenes - uncovering underground collectives, artists and subcultures from across the world.

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Dive into all the artists featured here:

Sama’ Abdulhadi
Bltnm (Al Nather, Makimakkuk, Shabjdeed, Mukta-feen)
Harara Records

Documentary Credits:

Jessica Kelly - Director
Anaïs Brémond - Producer / Edit Producer
Debora Ipekel - Assistant Producer / Researcher / Programmer
Nathan Greenwood - Editor
Joel Honeywell - Director of Photography
Ma'an Abu Taleb - Consultant -
Michael Zananiri - Assistant Camera
Ibrahim Zaher - Sound Recordist
Ashira Ramadan - Fixer
Nariman Youssef - Translator
Evan Campbell - Sound Designer
Dan Moran - Colourist
Zaghmouri a.k.a Mukta-feen - Designer
Jacob Chabeaux - Motion Graphics Designer
Stefan Iyapah - Senior Motion Graphics Designer
Joe Walker - Executive Producer
Joe Alexander - Head of Film
Stephen Mai - Chief Content Office


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