Novakane Omega

Novakane Omega is an expert emcee and all around artist from Norfolk, VA, USA. She is one half of an emcee duo called - The Rubber Peeple. The Rubber Peeple themselves are a spin off group from a larger six man group of super-emcees called - Jhunippuz (Jhunippuz Elite Poetry Organization aka JEPO).

Novakane Omega is a Professional Content Writer / Online Blogger with 20+ years experience producing written works of all sorts. She presents information in a variety of styles ie how to, editorial, list, countdown, biographical, review, rant, informative, journalistic, etc.. I am also a published author of the Ebook: “Electric Smoothies” How To Make Drinks That Heal.

In addition to Hip Hop lyricism, Novakane boasts a diverse set of skills and talents- with emphasis on the Arts (music, drawing, painting, photography, jewelry making, graphic design, writing, etc). As an avid teacher, culturist and health activist, she has written numerous articles, books, produced videos and given lectures, about health, education and black culture.

Currently, Novakane Omega is the Co-Founder of Soul Trust Records (an indie record label/production company) and is the creator of Each Nine Teach Nine (an online educational blog). She stays in the lab! Her mission is to use good art to spread a good message.

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