Busy Bee 🐝- Art of Hip-Hop Tour

Classic Hip-Hop pioneer Da ChiefRocker Busy Bee 🐝 has a new song called ‘Sticky Green’ and we were the first to hear it, as he sent it to us Thursday night right after he got done recording it in New York & before he got on the plane to come to MN for the Art of Hip-Hop Tour event at Treasure Island Casino! He performed the song live for the first time ever on Saturday night at the show, and he was backstage sharing it with Rah Digga, Das EFX, Biz Markie and others cause they were just first hearing it.. I can’t lie, I felt special cause he sent it to us first, we were one of the first to hear it, and now we are sharing it with some radio stations here in the Twin Cities so it can hopefully be heard by the masses here in town! 🙏🏾💎🤘🏾ONE

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