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Grow Green Team - Empowerment from the Kitchen to Plate!

Chef Mark One
Omega Zulu, Twin Cities

The comfort of food is even more than a necessity by means of nutrition, it is prepared and served through a science that is backed by ancestors and loved ones as well as other-worldly experiences, an exchange of love. Twin Cities Omega Zulu Chapter Ahki and Chef Mark Hall takes the opportunity to pass this skill on to the youth of his community.

Over in Minnesota everyone is subject to one major challenge being the state turns to a frozen tundra for almost six months. Aside from this minor setback the Twin Cities has earned it's place with a strong foundation for Hip Hop drawing from the rich cultures offered from within St. Paul and Minneapolis, and it's surrounding areas. The area faces challenges of it's own outside of the climate including an alarmingly high rate of despair, including a 338% higher likelihood for children of color to face punishment aside from their white peers, according to the New York Times. This is a harsh reality for many kids, and although it is not limited to children of color. Efforts are being taken within the community by activists, some policy-makers, and others, alongside other strong efforts for social justice. Mark chooses to pave his own path with the talent and skill he has earned teaching the youth of various schools in the greater St. Paul area meaningful approaches to cooking, baking and preparing, many common and unique dishes while taking every opportunity to tap-into valuable life lessons along the way.

As a husband and father of two Mark brings an understanding to the table as a strong role-model and community leader. The inspiration he instills in the youth to be able to create something from nothing stretches far beyond utensils, and the impact he is making may be best seen in years to come– however, one thing is certain. The experiences created in those Middle Schools will forever be remembered by many of the kids he serves and that is worth everything.

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