Chapter 33 Chosen

Bronx, NY, USA

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Chosen Zulu was founded in 1994 to advocate on behalf of low-income families, youth and young adults, by connecting them to the services they need to achieve personal and professional goals. We have opened dialogues between community leaders, business owners, non-profit organizations, religious organizations, grass roots movements, television and radio stations, newspapers, recording studios, established and aspiring artists, parents, youth and young adults.

As a networking organization for members to build their skills, and gain credibility and exposure, we have helped numerous individuals and organizations achieve their goals.

Bridging The Gap

Chosen Zulu is in a unique position to effectively “bridge the gap” between generations. This network, consisting of varied professions and ages, seeks to address ways to improve members’ quality of life. Many people don’t know where to turn for advice, support, information or direction. This is where we come in.

Being Chosen

We believe in “Being Chosen” --
Being who you were Born to Be,
Living the Life you Want to Live,
Using your Talents and Skills regularly, and Accessing your Personal Power.

We believe in identifying your talents, Living by the Golden Rule, and P.E.A.C.E. (Positive Energy Always Corrects Error.)

This is what “Being Chosen” means to us, and this is the philosophy we share with our members.

Celebrating & Growing Together

We believe it is essential to nurture local talent and businesses, and to give those individuals a greater support base. A self-supporting community can begin to make collective informed decisions that will benefit everyone within it.

We also believe that teaching the Hip Hop Culture will help the older generation gain a greater understanding of the younger generation; and in turn, the younger generation will learn more about its prestigious heritage, and will develop self-respect and pride in its contributions to society.

Chosen Zulu informs, inspires and creates community networks that support and appreciate diversity. We believe that creating an environment that supports both independence and group achievement will remind people that their goals are reachable.

People and businesses determine the well-being of any community. This is why we focus on the Personal and Professional development of our members.

Chapter 33 Chosen

Bronx, NY, USA

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